Project Name
Liberty Influencer Music
2022 - Present
United Kingdom
Project Description
The Ultimate Marketing Tool for Independent Artists Pitch your song to our carefully chosen playlist curators and music influencers. If they like what they hear, they’ll let you know and place it in the playlist.
What we did
Website Landing Page
UI & UX Designs
Custom Software Development
iOS & Android Mobile App
CMS Backend & Frontend Development
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Website Design Showcase

Explore our latest website design project, where we combined aesthetics and functionality to create an engaging online experience. This showcase highlights our expertise in crafting visually appealing, user-friendly websites that align with our clients' brand identity. See how our tailored design solutions enhance user engagement and drive business growth.

Custom Software Development Showcase

Explore our latest project in custom platform development, where we engineered a comprehensive solution tailored to meet unique business needs. This showcase highlights our expertise in designing and developing robust platforms and ensuring seamless user experiences and efficient functionality.

UI / UX Design & Mobile App Showcase

Introducing a fully custom iOS and Android mobile application development service. Here are some screenshots showcasing the projects.

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